Sunday, May 14, 2017


On a mother’s day--2017

If the question is
where love fits,
then the answer
must be a multiple,
an integral and a sum,
a remainder or two,
and a dividend
and all the derivatives
of big and sloppy
and small and precise

It helps to begin
with why love, at all.
There’s you so strong
and fierce and tender.
There’s who we are together
when we are our best
and us together when
we need each other most.

There’s the way you love
our boys and girls;
the ones we know
and the ones we don’t.
There’s how you go
and how you feel
and how we make our love
and how you let me come to you
and how you find me when I don’t.

There’s the work we do together
and the work still left to do.
There’s this life I never could have lived alone.
There’s the meals and the drinks,
the families and the visits,
the awe and the wonder,
and the well and the promise,
and the sun and the moon,
and time.