Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Song of Myself Ironic

There are
all sorts of things
I could say
about myself

all sorts of things
I want to say

and things
I think I ought to say

But sometimes
I say stay silent or
sing a song
of a different sort

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Way of Compost

I am the twenty-first century man
stopping to gaze at the copter
drifting and heeling overhead

Now the human-powered mower
across the wheat field
the front lawn becomes
by the time it occurs
to me
the grass needs cutting

And on the back forty
handfuls of dog shit
gloved and carted to compost
on the pile
before I can even begin

Contemplating the odious nature
of farmer guy’s day
I consider the compost
Time to spread some
on this here raised bed
or that one there

And that takes another hour
and that makes two of them
I’ve worked since breakfast

I’m about all done in
ready for a nap
when a plane passes overhead

Dog tracks plane
I track dog
and consider, flying machines
or no, how close
dog and I are
to compost.

(Which, by the way,
is the truly secret language of plants,
the place where they reveal all,
swap DNA and
delight in the dawn)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction, The Poem

Who am I kidding?
I’ve had it all my life
It’s a prostate problem now
But it was once
When to take it out
When to put it back
Where to aim it and
Who to share it with
Even, how to wash it
And earlier still
What the hell is that
But it is all
As they say

Friday, October 5, 2012

An incomplete poem...

perhaps to be titled...

If We Try

This is about you
who can do this
stand here
singing out

the pain
from you
to me
and batting it about

coming back
in new form

but not
what it was
at the start

This is about you
doing this
singing out
the vision

of where you ought to be
good days or bad
living a frontline
sort of life

This is about you
hungering for justice
and true loving
and the occasional ecstatic moment

This is about you
who can do this,
this thing coming next
though you have never

been one to trust
We have batted that about
and we know

this is about you
who has learned
to trust your deep desire