Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arcing and the Universe

Don’t say there’s no thump,
no whomp, no beat beat beat,
no rustle and thrill in

Don’t say there’s no thump,
no whomp,
no beat beat beat,
no whisper rolling in…

We started
what we started,
got to where we got,
still hearing thump and whomp and beat beat beat…

Don’t say that you can’t hear it,
the whomping and the beating,
the heaving and the dancing
of others moving on…

There’s beat beat beat,
the rustle and thrill
and dancing feet
and tidal pull of folk and moon…

Folk are striding striding long
and pushing hard,
feet are dancing
hands are pulling…

All the loving,
all the sharing,
the rustle and thrill of catching on,
the folk and pull
and voices calling
and standing standing standing tall
and heart just beating
beating heart beat beat…

Wild Once and Captured
On hearing Annie Lennox

A whisper full of rhythms,
an echo raw with power,
a people spilling outward
in tidal flows of fever.
Here music summons silence,

here longing a language,
touching an allure,
dancing a passion play
and searching leads us
one by one

to stories all our own,
and to stories told in common.
Here smolders spirit
ripe with promise,
rich with peace and legendary reach.

There drums yammering in clearings
where we are jamming with justice
who was wild once
and captured
and has broken out again.

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