Saturday, June 21, 2014

What Evolution Has Wrought

Narcissism and Poetry:
Two Peas in a Human Pod

Whenever I find that I have forgotten
something I wanted to remember,
forgotten something I wanted to do,
I must first decide—
without knowing in the present moment
exactly what it is I have forgotten—
how important it might be to remember
whatever it is that has gotten away from me,
and if I decide that the thing I can’t remember
merits remembering, then I must think back
to the moment I became aware
that I had forgotten whatever it is I wished
to remember or do, and continue to explore
each moment preceding that moment
until I arrive at the point and the place
when I was last aware of whatever
it was that I do not remember now.

I hope that having arrived there
the recovered memory
will turn out to be worth the effort.

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