Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Single Star Will Show Itself

Rumored or written somewhere,
the way, the path,
to touching uncoerced,
to flowing swiftly,
channels twinned,
to babbling on and silky,

involves the growling, guttural talk
of tigers,
or a passionate taste
of dark and chocolate,
or the silver leap of fish

or, yes,
to hope or, yes,
to lifting us
on swaying limbs of flowering trees,
full pink and showering
the bay below,

you wrapped in my arms,
me snuggled up in yours.
Rumored or written somewhere,
or handmade
to suit myself,

and sung to you
that were we to wait that way
for the new moon’s rising sliver,
a single star will show itself
and light our dreaming way.

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