Monday, October 14, 2013


It is in our DNA
to dream things,
to build some version
of what we dream.

But we have moved so far
from where we started,
standing alone until someone else
stood up, someone on whose shoulders

we could stand to see further,
and see that we were
standing on the shoulders
of those who stood

on the shoulders of those
who stood—and so on and back
through all those compounded dreams,
the serial dreams of who we were

before we were ourselves,
before there were dreams
of complicated things
like wealth and justice,

back when we aspired
to a day without toil,
without torment or terror,
until all those hopes and wishes

became a dream of justice,
a very new thing compared
to how long we have been dreaming
of lesser things.

There is still
another DNA driven thing
that sees a vision of ourselves
resting when the building’s done,

resting in the thing we’ve built,
that sees ourselves
relaxing into the dream
that became the thing we built,

like some retiree
on a white sand beach
who is thrilled to spend a day
without dreaming.

Mind and boldness mix and blend
in the dream we aspire to build,
wishing along the way
to be done with this building,

to be living in the dream complete;
and wishing along the way
to seize the dream of justice,
the thing that can’t be built,

cannot be seized
or even dreamed alone,
the thing that sometimes seems,
but never is,

And there we wish to rest,
relax into the thing that can’t be built
alone, will always be unfinished.

It follows then that in the matter
of justice, it is the journey
that makes the difference,
that becomes our measure.

like she who is no longer distressed by struggle,
we must be satisfied to dream,
and to build, together.

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