Wednesday, August 21, 2013


In this moment,
the world around is a perfect space.
The hot point inside you
and the cold point there
balance the hot and cold
the whole universe around.

In this moment,
you rip loose, run
naked, unshod,
down streets and alleys,
toe and heel transforming asphalt
to sea foam, soothing your soul.

In this moment,
you stride this way,
whip arms swinging,
shoulders like easy oil,
greasing and flinging you
through damp and distance.

The darkness divides for you,
long strider stampeding by,
bearing secrets.

Like racehorses and hound dogs,
nostrils grasping and snatching
your own scent, the moist surround,
all the exuberant plants of the night.

You are hailed,
and called
to this exquisite place.

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